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in this post you will learn how to manage stress by special yoga poses Practice.
stress is important part of our life
It’s not possible to remove it fully
It’s totally a natural response of our body to avoid danger.
But when it continues stayed in our mind and body for prolonged time it become poison and come up on our physical and mental body as a various kinds of disease like depression
Heart disease, cancer, high BP and other psychosomatic disease.

Stress can be positive also, keeping us alert, motivated.
So it’s totally up to us how we take it.

In this Pandamic situation of covid 19 it’s natural for people to get stressed bcz their daily routine is disturb fully
People are loosing their job, tension about future, fear of virus, fear for loved one they are safe or not
And so on..

The human body is designed to experience stress and react to it.
Yoga is a very powerfull tool to get off fromm all kind of stress.

In a national survey, over 85% of people who did yoga reported that it helped them relieve stress.

Today yoga poses which is very effective to reduce stress Harmon’s and how these yoga Posture work on our body to reduce stress..


Asanasa for Stress

1. Balasana
3. Dwikonasana
4. Tree pose
5. Setubandh asana
6. Savasana

So these are the Postures.
Continuity in your Practice will definetly do miracle.

After the Asana Pranayama plays a vital role in reducing stress
Because Pranayama directly connects to our breath and brain

Pranayama for Stress

Nadi sudhi
Omkara Chanting

Now meditation
15 to 20 mints Meditation everyday is enough to get rid of all kind of stress.
It’s very tough to do Meditation for stressful person because already mind is so thoughtful and tensed but by the Practice can do meditation also
In meditation we do breath awareness meditation which is very simple
You don’t have to anything just sit straight with closed eyes and concentrate on your breath
Undoubtedly your mind will flicker in thought but with compassion you have to bring it back on Breath.
Slowly slowly by Practice you will be able to do meditation too.
May all be happy and healthy
Hari Om!

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