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Everyone wants to be look younger and beautiful
and it’s possible too
So today I will reveal the Secret behind it.
I call this. Secret of beauty

Speciality of this secret

1. It’s very simple to follow
2. Anybody can do this and get benefits
3. Time saving
4. Totally natural

Now before start I want 3 promises from you

Be cautious abt your diet always eat nutrition diet full of protein, fiber & vitamin, say no to junk or oily food

2. Good sleep is very important to relax your mind and body so always sleep on time and wakeup on time

3. Drinks lots and lots of water to detox your body eliminate the waste from your body

4 everyday practice which I will reach u now

So these things are also very important to along with our practice..

now we will go to our practices part
1. Facial Practice
2. 2. Pranayama.

First will go for facial practice
These facial practice is very good to improve the blood circulation and oxygen level, energy level on the face..

before start make sure that your hands is clean, nicely washed..

Let’s start our first faciel practice


How to the Facial Practice


1. Hand rub
massage whole face should be cover
(It blood circulation

2. Blow the air
This will improve the oxygen level at your face.

3 face stretching Stiffness
( Stretching your facial muscle , jaw joint opening)

4. Steaming

These practices you can do anywhere at your office or home..
It will take hardly 5 to 7 mints mints not more than.

So these are the facial practices for a glowing and radiance face

Now 2nd part is Pranayama & meditation to reduces stress and eliminate the waist and detoxify chemical from the body

Because of stress we look dull, we got dark circles, acne on the face and
Skin problem and other problems

so stress level should be reduced..
And PRANAYAM is very effective to reduce stress and also good to balance prana shaki the vital force.


Pranayama for Facial

Nadi sudhi

These three are very good
To know in details about these Pranayama u can go through my previous videos.
Link is in suggested video also

If you want to know more in detail about these Pranayama u can ho through in my previous Pranayama videos


So these are the things if you adopt in your life you will definetly looked younger and beautiful…
Thnks for your valuable time
May all be happy and healthy
Namo nam:..

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