Anulom Vilom Pranayama

Hello Yogi’s
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Today’s there is no time or very less time to everyone
We all are so busy in our life we don’t have time for self.
Thtas why We need a practice which give optimum results in less time.
Yes I am talking about the wonderful Practice and one of the my favorite Anulom vilom or Nadi sodhna Pranayam.
Some people also call this practice Anulom vilom that also correct.
What makes this Practice so wonderful and amazing
Because there is no limitation of this Practice

2. Very easy to do
3. Less time consuming

There are so many Research also happens on the effect of Anulom vilom.
And there is scientific evidence also available which is showing the positive effect of nadi sodhna on brain.
A famous retreat center of the sweden has done the research on Anulom vilom pranayama as per their research if Anulom vilom or nadi sofhna done regularly it improve brain function, emotional establishing and also improve concentration power.
now what is mean by the word nadi sudhi
in yogic terms nadi sodhna means cleansing the nadis.
first let me tell you what is nadis
The nadis are our energetic irrigation system; in essence, they keep us alive. According to many Tantric texts, the human body contains 72,000 nadis that channel prana to every cell.
We can’t see these Nadis in our Body
But they are exits..
in 72000 nadis 3 Nadis are very important nadis in our body
Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.
our left nostril represents Ida Nadi the passive channel feminine. it is associated with the Moon when our left nostril blocked one experience cold
, depression, low mental energy, sluggish etc.
right nostril represents Pingla nadi the active channel masculine it is associated with sun.
So when your right nostril is blocked you can experience heat in the body, quick temper, excessive appetite, excessive physical or sexual energy.

Sushumna is the expression of perfect balance and neutrality between Ida nadi and Pingala nadi.
Balancing Sun and Moon, facilitates the awakening of kundalini shakti through sushumna nadi and, thus, the awakening of higher consciousness. .
Nadi sodhna pranayama balance the Ida and Pingla and open the pathway of Sushmna nadi. which is the the state of meditation or higher consciousness.
Simply you can say it’s very easy to do meditation after nadi sudhhi.


Key Points Of Anulom Vilom Pranayama 

1. Don’t do force breathing. Keep the flow gentle and natural do not make any breathing sound.

2. Place the fingers very lightly on the nose.

3. Don’t do any ujjayi breath. Breathing should be natural..
4. Timing :- Perfect time to do nadi sodhna is the morning time after fresh up, before breakfast.
but those who are very stressed, not getting sleep properly they should do at least 3 times in a day means 1st in the morning 2nd time in the evening around 6 o’clock and 3rd time is before bed to be stress free. make sure your stomach is fully empty when you are doing the practice
in any practice of yoga at least 3.5 hour gap must be there. this is very important.
5. beginners can start with 5 mints or 9 rounds slowly slowly you can go to 10 mints 15 mints or more also
6. initially you can feel pain in your arm while doing the practice because your hand will be hanging during the practice for long time. don’t worry at all whenever you feel pain in your arm you can relax for a while take normal breath for 30 to 40 seconds you will be fine, again you can start.
7. After pranayama give a gap of 20 to 30 mints before start your meal.
8. This is important points always start with left nostril and end the practice with left nostril
Why because our left nostril represent to Ida nadi which is associate with moon and moon is a symbol of calmness so to get the calmness in the mind we should start from Left and end with left.

now will talk about other amazing benefits of nadi sodhna Pranayam.


Benefits of Anulom Vilom Pranayama

1. When practicing this technique we use deep, slow breathing and access the full capacity of the lungs. As a result its very good to improve the respiratory health.
2. Nadi Shuddhi balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems thats why its very good practice to reduce stress and anxiety.

3. In a Nadi Shuddhi practice, we try to keep our attention on the breath. By consistently bringing our wandering minds out of the past/future and back into the present in this way, we strengthen the neural networks that prevent rumination.

5. By Anulom vilom energy can be drawn upwards and the practitioner can experience powerful, mystical states during meditation.
6. by this practice our brain function improve it also very good to increase concentration and awareness.

Did you see how amazing this practice.
If we do regularly
You can see the changes in yourself in a short time
So start from today
So this is all about Anulom vilom Pranayama

may all be happy and healthy
hari Om.

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